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Recapping Team Haiti 2014

Part 2 - Recapping Short Term Missions Trip to Haiti - July 13, 2014

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On June 29th, 15 of us joined Global Partners on a short-term missions trip to Haiti. We weren't expecting to find such riches in the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.  It was a privilege to be able to work alongside Global Partners and our brothers and sisters in Haiti.  For more information on Global Partners and their work around the world, please contact Matt Riggins @ or visit their page @ 

We will show love.

The beginning portion of our worship service on July 13, 2014 was filled with glimpses into the past week in Haiti called, "Kodak Moments."  Here are Kodak Moments from most of Team Haiti:

Part 1 - "Kodak Moments" from Team Haiti - July 13, 2014