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Main Gathering, Sundays @ 10am

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The HUB 

The HUB is a place for teachers, greeters, helpers, and other volunteers to find schedules and communication regarding upcoming meetings and trainings.  If you have any questions concerning the information you're seeing, please contact Donna Brown.




--UPPER ROOM [10am Prayer Team]--


1st Sunday- Teresa 

2nd Sunday- Robin 

3rd Sunday- Cindy 

4th Sunday- Rae  

5th Sunday- Heidi 



--NURSERY SCHEDULE [10am Worship Service]--


1st Sunday-Tim & Lydia 

2nd Sunday-Heidi & Elenie 

3rd Sunday-Ang & Carla 

4th Sunday-Paulette, Heavenleigh & Marti 

5th Sunday-Ang & Lydia 



--FRONTLINE [Sunday's Greeters & Ushers]--



1st Sunday- Tami, Don C., Cindy, & Kevin L. (Greeter @ 8:30- Elijah & Judah) 


2nd Sunday- Calvin, Ed V., Marti, & Dwayne (Greeters @ 8:30- Calvin & Ed) 


3rd Sunday- Tami, Grant, Kevin L., & Elijah (Greeter @ 8:30- Elijah & Judah) 


4th Sunday- Calvin, Ed V., Judy, & Marti (Greeters @ 8:30- Calvin & Ed) 


5th Sunday- Tami, Don C., Cindy, & Dwayne (Greeter @ 8:30- Elijah & Judah)