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Upcoming Events:

No matter where you're at in life,  

there's a place for you at Lighthouse.


There are many benefits to meeting together with other believers.  A new LIFEGroup is forming @ 6pm with the Prue Family.  They will be meeting midweek, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Come and connect wih other followers of Jesus.  All are welcome here.


Register For Local Summer Camp

Calling all kids!  We have special guests from Light Ministries joining us on April 26th.  They will be sharing Jesus' love in fun and unique ways with our kids, so bring a friend!  Begins at 10am, so don't be late!

4kids, Sunday, April 26th @ 10a

Light Ministries

The HUB is a communication spot for workers here at Lighthouse. 

Check it out here>

NIGHTLIGHTS is a fantastic night of learning for ALL ages, here at Lighthouse on April 21st @ 6pm.  Each age group has their own crew leader.

There are also adult groups meeting during this time.  For more info on NIGHTLIGHTS, click HERE>


Take advantage of another great camping experience at Mt. Lou San.

There is a camp experience for all ages (Day Camps, Junior Camp, & Teen Camp).  See Donna with questions.  MORE>

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