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Main Gathering, Sundays @ 10am

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Compass Classes  (most Sundays @ 9a)

Education is extremely important.  It can open doors, broaden the mind, as well as enrich lives.  We recognize this by offering 45 minute higher education-style classes at 9am on Sunday mornings called Compass Classes.  These are small-group setting classes that offer a unique blend of reflection and discussion.  


Compass Classes will run every Sunday for 6 weeks at a time, making it optimal to join at any time on any given Sunday.


Whether you’re young, well-seasoned, single, divorced, widowed, or married, these sessions are for anyone interested in enriching their relationship with God and others here at Lighthouse.  There is no cost to join and the coffee bar is still free.


Compass Schedule HERE > 

Current Session:

Within the context of God’s Word, we cover a broad spectrum of topics ranging from relationships, world news, health, parenting, apologetics, marriage, finances, and other relevant issues.  


Next Meeting:  OFF this Sunday


Contact Lew Luftig with questions at


Being intentional in developing relationships is vital to sustaining long-term spiritual growth.  We believe that change happens best in community.  When people gather together with a shared mission to be authentic, pursue God, to love one another, and to serve each other, transformation happens.  People grow, heal, and become more like Christ.  This is why LIFEGroups are so pivotal in personal growth at Lighthouse.  


In small-group settings, a person can discuss issues and challenges of life within the context of God's Word.  This is also where we share and do REAL LIFE—outside of Sundays.


We were never meant to journey alone.  If you would like to make a connection with a LIFEGroup, please contact Pastor Kevin @ 717.319.0668, or at for assistance.  We’re here to serve.

                                     This LIFEGroup meets the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month from 6:00-8:00p and serves the Tuesday Night LIFEGroup on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month together.  This LIFEGroup meets in various homes and restaurants as well during the month.  Contact Pastor Kevin or Donna for details at 717.319.0668 or


Next Meeting:  Text Donna for date, time, + location

@ (717)602-3008

A LIFEGroup that meets weekly:

This LIFEGroup meets every-other Tuesday of the month from 6:00-7:30pm.  There are groups for all ages this night.  Contact Pastor Fe or Ang Hernandez for details at 717.736.3654 or


Next Meeting:  

MARCH 6th @ 6pm

A  LIFEGroup that meets Tues nights:

(with programs for kids)

For Women 

Ladies' Night Out

Ladies, we recognize that while we are not all in the same season of life, we are all diverse image-bearers of God.  With a love for Jesus and His Word at our core, we meet together to experience true community, to speak and to listen, and to grow, love, & serve.  We're out to change the world--starting with ourselves.  Bring your mother, sister, friends and daughters to our next Ladies Night Out.   Contact Rae or Teresa with any questions @


Next Meeting:  



Book Club 

While Book Club has been attended by some men, women mostly comprise this one.  It is a lively group, meeting every two months at a book club member's home to discuss and analyze that month's book.  We enjoy reading a variety of books including fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, etc.  Appetizers and drinks served, so come prepared to eat, discuss, and build friendships.

Next Selection:

Meeting:  MARCH 8th @ 6pm


Where:  a member's home (email for directions)


Reading/Reviewing: "The One True Love of Alice-Ann" by Eva Marie Everson


For more information, please contact Pam @

Men's Activities

Are we supposed to enjoy hanging out together?!  The answer is resoundingly, “YES!”  We believe that relationships drive change and foster accountability.  We are creating events designed around activities we already enjoy doing.  With this base, we add relevant teaching, food, and yes—fun.  Contact Pastor Kevin or Pastor Fe with questions @

A good way to connect with people at Lighthouse is by working and volunteering with them.  Without faithful and diligent volunteers, our church would not function the way that it does.  Whether teaching, grounds-keeping, cleaning, greeting, serving coffee, singing, or working with multimedia, all of our services, events, and teachings would not happen without each and every committed volunteer.  If you’d prefer to try out and shadow a specific ministry at Lighthouse, please feel free to contact Donna Brown @ 717.564.3413



For Men 

Building bridges for people to belong, make a difference, and grow. 

Adult Classes 

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Next Activity:


Men's Retreat

March 16th - 18th

Cost: $133 + 5 meals out

(includes registration and 2 nights lodging)

Contact Pastor Kevin with ?'s @


Kid's programs during Tues night LIFEGroup:

Use the SIGN UP button to be kept in-the-loop for upcoming events and slightly spontaneous meet-ups. All ladies welcome here.