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We understand that money is a sensitive topic for some, but we seek to please God through teaching what the Bible has to say about money.


At Lighthouse, we believe and teach the biblical principle of giving a portion of one’s income to God called a tithe.  Many of our members believe and practice this biblical principle of tithing--giving 10% of their earnings back to God through their local church.  


Some members give above and beyond this to support various commitments to our missionary partners around the world, as well as special needs that arise locally.  This is what we term as offerings.  From monthly missionary support, camp scholarships, building updates, emergency community needs—all of these offerings are from generous giving from our members and partners like you.


For your convenience, there are different ways to give support:


Online Giving:  


By check:  Checks can be made payable to Lighthouse Church and mailed to:

          Lighthouse Church

          600 N. 48th St.

          Harrisburg, PA  17111


**Please make the appropriate notation in the memo line as to where you would like your gift to be designated (general missionary support, specific missionary/need, camp scholarships, etc.)



At Lighthouse, we strive to be good stewards of everything we are entrusted with, especially finances.  If you have any questions concerning tithing or giving, please feel free to contact Pastor Kevin @ 717.319.0668.  If you have any questions about tax-deductible donations, please feel free to contact Teresa Martz, or any other member of our finance team @



Lighthouse Church is a non-profit organization.