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The Student Ministry at Lighthouse Church serves young people, ages 12 – 19, by providing a safe, small-group environment where they can engage and develop their faith, while building friendships with peers and trustworthy adult mentors.  We believe that the Great Commission includes all people of all ages and backgrounds, especially young people.  One's worth to be ministered to does not begin at a certain age.  


We are focused on loving God and other people, believing that the Bible is true and worthy of following, and sharing our faith with others.  We understand that no one has more potential to impact a student than parents.  As a church, we want to make sure that we are supporting parents, as well as equipping them for life-long success in their relationships with their children.  It is our goal to partner with families in guiding students to their fullest potential.


We accomplish this through:


•  Small-group teachings where students learn about God and His plan for their life,

   and are encouraged to grow in their relationships with peers and with trustworthy adult mentors

•  Service projects where students are given the opportunity to serve different in various aspects in their  


•  Participation in larger group activities designed to engage students in their faith, such as summer

   and winter camps, festivals, and concerts, and trips to other states and countries.

•  Student mentoring with trustworthy adult mentors.  This helps identify and cultivate specific gifts,

   abilities, and skills entrusted to them by God for use within their community.  We want

   students to discover that serving others is more rewarding than being served.